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Is this handcrafted ?

Yes ! At Attraction Stones™, we are driven by our to desire to continuously express or artwork and make it available to a handful of lucky customers. Creating our unique designs requires a skillset that our artists developed through years of experimenting with various crafting techniques. Not only are we a team of artisans that share the same passion since childhood, but we've also managed to keep our traditional handcrafting techniques while making it available worldwide. 

What materials do you use ?

We really want to prone the durable and ethical aspect of our designs. With the intent keeping a harmless approach to our lovely earth, we don't contribute to its destruction and resource depletion in the way that naturally-mined stones do. This is why we craft our designs through the use of lab-generated stones, that have the same visual and chemical aspects of natural stones, without the harms of it.

What is the story behind your artwork ? 

Really passionate about the law of attraction, the universe is for us a fascinating and majestic mystery. 

Inspired by this mysterious energy that makes anything possible for those who believe in their dreams, we have always dreamed of achieving our most beautiful ambition:  to create a minimalist, chic and unique design through our art.

It is by constantly believing in ourselves that we have been able to make this dream come true. Attraction Stones™ to remind you that no matter what you desire in life, it is achievable.

How long is the shipping time ?

Our Standard Shipping typically takes 10 - 15 days, depending on how fast customs in your country processes the package.

Please note that the duration can be delayed due to Holidays and/or any unforeseen events such as flood or typhoon. Custom inspections can be a factor during shipment.