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About us

Hey human of the universe 

 My name is Olivia Miller, a 23 years old girl who just wanna help you to reconnect with the universe. 

I'm gonna tell you a story about how it all began. In 2015, a tragedy happened. I was at school when I received the call that changed my life. It was the mother of my boyfriend at the time. She was crying at the phone and I couldn't understand anything she was saying. She told me that her son, my boyfriend was found dead in a car accident. I was destroyed to be fair. I didn't know how to react. 

I was broken for 3 months when I discovered the law of attraction. I began to apply it everyday. I was really connected to the universe. I started to design the necklace. I called a factory just to make one sample, just for me. I began to wear it everyday and suddenly the world was mine. 

In 2017, doctors called my mom and told her she had a breast cancer. I couldn't believe it. I made a production of necklace just for my mother. She wore it everyday while using the law of attraction and she healed in just 3 months without any medical therapy. 

Two years after, I was launching this company with the idea of helping people to get what they want, to heal and to be just better.